SENIORS…have you “officially” sent your SAT/ACT scores?

If not, you MUST do this in order for your application to be complete and for you to be considered for admission in Fall 2016 even if you have included them on your application. The scores you reported are not “official” unless they come from the testing agency ( for SAT or for ACT). This goes for public and private colleges. Please follow the instructions below:

CSU and the SAT/ACT info:

Scroll down to where it says “SAT” or “ACT”

Step by step video tutorial for SAT:

Step by Step video tutorial for ACT:

FOR UCs ONLY: if you applied to multiple UC campuses, you only need to send it to 1 campus you applied to! The UCs will then share it with all UC schools you applied to.

See your counselor before the Winter Break with any questions!