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Da Vinci Jazz Orchestra

Attention all Musicians interested in joining our Da Vinci Jazz Orchestra:

What: This exciting ensemble will perform a varied repertoire of Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Film, Classical, and World music for several Concerts, Civic Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Commencements, and possibly theme park performances over the course of this school year.

Who: Any musician with one or more years of experience playing a wind, string, or percussion instrument is welcome to join. Also, much of our repertoire will have vocal parts. So, singers are welcome!! Experience reading, no matter how rusty, is preferred, but not crucial.

When: Our first Group Meeting will be on Friday September 11th, in the DVS Forum, from 8-9:30am.

DVS students will meet Monday mornings 8-8:50, and Friday mornings 8-9:30 in the DVS Forum. DVD/C students will meet Wednesday mornings 8-8:50 in the DVC Music Studio, and on Friday mornings 8-9:30 in the DVS, forum. for any questions, or to sign up.

Seminar Sign-Up Link and Course Descriptions

Designers, below you will find the link for seminar sign-ups and the course descriptions by day they are offered.

Seminar sign-ups open today, Monday 8/31 at 9:00 am, and will close on Friday 9/4 at 3:00 pm.  Any submission after that time will be considered late and you run the risk of not getting a preferred choice.  It is your responsibility to sign up and you have 5 days to do so.  Ask your teachers or counselors for help if you are having any difficulties.

Sign up early and take the time to read through the descriptions carefully! While schedule change requests can be made during the first week of seminars, they may not be granted due to limiting seating in most of the classes.

Monday/Wednesday Seminar Descriptions –> MON-WED Seminars Fall 2015

Tuesday/Thursday Seminar Descriptions –>  TUES-THURS Seminars Fall 2015

Ready to sign up for seminars?  Click here –> DVD Fall 2015 Seminar Sign-Up Link

Week 3 Update

Hello, Designers.  We hope you are enjoying your weekend and staying cool!

This week is the Freshman Overnighter for 9th graders.  We are so excited for all the fun that lies ahead with that trip.  We leave on Wednesday morning and return on Thursday around 2:30-3:00 pm.  Students will attend advisory upon return, so families, please plan for normal pick up time.

Seminar Sign-Ups will be available at 9am on Monday 8/31.  Sign-ups will close on Friday 9/4 at 3 pm.  Descriptions of all courses will be posted on the blog (we are hoping to get a finalized list posted tomorrow, Sunday 8/30, so you can have a sneak peak of the choices!). Any submissions or requests made after the deadline will be considered late and you run the risk of missing out on your preferred course!  There will be a bit of time in advisory and/or your classes, but we do recommend that you sign-up from home if you can.  Seminar courses will begin Tuesday, September 8th.

We also want to commend our students on the amazing job they have been doing with dress code so far this year!  The number of dress code violators has significantly decreased and our entire staff is extremely proud of our DVD students.  Keep up the excellent work, everyone! Also, remember that if you run out of collared shirts, or forget to wear one, you can always stop by the principal’s office first thing in the morning to borrow one for the day without penalty.

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you Monday.

Week 3 2015-16

Back to School Night Reminder + Info

Hello Designers! Just a friendly reminder that Back to School Night is tomorrow night, Wednesday 8/26, from 6:00-8:00 pm.  You will begin in your child’s advisory classroom and then run through their entire schedule, as seen below:

BTSN Schedule 2015

Our counselors will also be available in the board room (front office area) should you want to meet and chat with them as well.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Allow ample time for parking and we ask that you please respect the surrounding residential area by obeying the traffic and parking regulations.

Also, if you would like to nominate someone, or be nominated, for a seat on the Da Vinci Design School Site Council, we have a few open slots. The council will meet 4 times a year in the evenings to discuss, vote on, and provide feedback on various school topics.  We are looking for parent and student nominees. If you are interested in being nominated for the council or would like to nominate another individual, please send a brief bio as well as the reasons you are interested to Kate Parsons, Principal, at by Monday August 31st.  Voting for the council will take place via an online survey posted to the blog later that week and new members will be announced once voting has closed.

Week 2 Update

Hello Designers!  We hope you had a wonderful first week back at school.  Below is your Week 2 update and a few dates to put on the calendar.

We look forward to seeing you all at 6 pm this Wednesday 8/26 for Back to School Night! You will begin the evening in your student’s ADVISORY class.

A few dates to keep in mind:

  • 9th graders – Freshman Overnighter is 9/2-9/3
  • All grades – Picture Day is Friday, 9/4
  • No School on Labor Day – Monday, 9/7
  • Seminars begin Tuesday 9/8: sign-ups will be live 2 weeks prior

Don’t forget – your teachers have office hours EVERY Wednesday and Thursday morning from 8:00-8:50 if you need help with anything or just need a quiet space to do work. We highly encourage and expect that all students are utilizing these office hours. Doors close each morning at 8:15 am to minimize distractions, so make sure to be on time!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we will see you Monday! Week 2 2015-16


First Three Weeks 2015-16

2015-16 Traffic Information – PLEASE READ!

Greetings Design families!  We are so excited to begin our new school year this Tuesday.  Below is a letter from our Traffic and Safety Director, Thomas Curry.  We ask that you please take a few moments to carefully read the letter and reference the map below to ensure the safety of all students, staff and families at pick-up and drop-off.  If you prefer a PDF version, you can access by clicking on the link below:

Traffic Lettter for DV Parents 2015-16

Thank you, and we will see you Tuesday!

Traffic Lettter for DV Parents 2015-16_Page_1 Traffic Lettter for DV Parents 2015-16_Page_2

2015-2016 DVD School Year

Dear DVD Families,

We hope you had an awesome summer! We are so excited for the 2015-2016 school year and are looking forward to our students returning on Tuesday, August 18th at 9:00am for the first day of school!

When your students arrive on that morning, there will be boards in the front of the school telling them who their advisor will be, and after they all walk through the front gates, they will go to that advisor’s classroom for the morning, and then they will receive their class schedules.

A couple reminders for you and for them:

1) As you shop for school clothes, please keep the school Dress Code in mind. Students should always be in a collared tops or Da Vinci shirts.

2) Students can bring their own lunch or purchase it for $4. You should have received a letter in the mail explaining the process of creating an account into which you can deposit money for your child’s lunch.

3) Seminars begin September 8th. Expect a posted link to descriptions and sign-ups about 2 weeks prior to that date.

4) We have an online process in order to capture vital information needed for our students’ files, as well as information need for Da Vinci to qualify for various grants and programs that benefit all students. The process is simple, just a few steps and will only take a few minutes. If you do not have a computer or Internet access, please come by any of our school’s offices to complete the process in person.

  • If your student will be returning to Da Vinci this coming 2015-16 school year, you are required to complete the on-line enrollment process ASAP.

Log-on to:  and then click the Continuing Enrollment tab and follow instructions

(If your child is not in attendance on the first day of school, we will assume you have decide to go elsewhere and will give that spot to someone else on the wait list.)

  • If your student is NOT returning to Da Vinci this coming 2015-16 school year, we need you to complete the on-line withdrawal process ASAP. There is a long wait list of students who are hoping to get in to DVD, so if you have changed your mind and your child will not be attending, please let me know so that we can bring in another student on the wait list! Please use the above log-in information for this process.

Completing the official withdrawal process is required to prepare your student’s records for transfer to their new school. Student records cannot be released to the new school if this process is not completed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call our office at 310-725-5800. Thank you!


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