Seminar Sign-Up Link and Course Descriptions

Designers, below you will find the link for seminar sign-ups and the course descriptions by day they are offered.

Seminar sign-ups open today, Monday 8/31 at 9:00 am, and will close on Friday 9/4 at 3:00 pm.  Any submission after that time will be considered late and you run the risk of not getting a preferred choice.  It is your responsibility to sign up and you have 5 days to do so.  Ask your teachers or counselors for help if you are having any difficulties.

Sign up early and take the time to read through the descriptions carefully! While schedule change requests can be made during the first week of seminars, they may not be granted due to limiting seating in most of the classes.

Monday/Wednesday Seminar Descriptions –> MON-WED Seminars Fall 2015

Tuesday/Thursday Seminar Descriptions –>  TUES-THURS Seminars Fall 2015

Ready to sign up for seminars?  Click here –> DVD Fall 2015 Seminar Sign-Up Link