Week 3 Update

Hello, Designers.  We hope you are enjoying your weekend and staying cool!

This week is the Freshman Overnighter for 9th graders.  We are so excited for all the fun that lies ahead with that trip.  We leave on Wednesday morning and return on Thursday around 2:30-3:00 pm.  Students will attend advisory upon return, so families, please plan for normal pick up time.

Seminar Sign-Ups will be available at 9am on Monday 8/31.  Sign-ups will close on Friday 9/4 at 3 pm.  Descriptions of all courses will be posted on the blog (we are hoping to get a finalized list posted tomorrow, Sunday 8/30, so you can have a sneak peak of the choices!). Any submissions or requests made after the deadline will be considered late and you run the risk of missing out on your preferred course!  There will be a bit of time in advisory and/or your classes, but we do recommend that you sign-up from home if you can.  Seminar courses will begin Tuesday, September 8th.

We also want to commend our students on the amazing job they have been doing with dress code so far this year!  The number of dress code violators has significantly decreased and our entire staff is extremely proud of our DVD students.  Keep up the excellent work, everyone! Also, remember that if you run out of collared shirts, or forget to wear one, you can always stop by the principal’s office first thing in the morning to borrow one for the day without penalty.

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you Monday.

Week 3 2015-16