Project Focus: Boards Across Borders


How can we make a difference in the lives of teens who are going through the refugee, migrant, immigrant experience?

Da Vinci Design 9th grade students used this question as a lens in each of their classes to study the lives and journeys of people going through these experiences. Students read novels and studied various groups of people who have gone through the refugee, migrant, immigrant experience in their English classes and then interviewed an immigrant in Spanish class to gain first-hand knowledge about the type of journey that they made. Students used this knowledge to create artwork to answer the question: “How can we use art to influence our views and understanding of the world?”

Students then painted their artwork on the bottom of skateboards that they made from scratch in their physics class, while learning the physics and engineering of skateboarding. Lastly, the students used their math knowledge to create sales proposals for the price of the skateboards and predicted the profits that DVD could donate to their chosen non-profit.