Semester 2 Updates – DVD

Designers, please read below for Semester 2 updates on seminars and staffing.


Below you will find a link for this semester’s seminars.

Spring 2019 Seminar Offerings

Seminar sign-ups will be held at the following dates/times:

  • 12th Graders – Tuesday 1/15 @ 3:30 during class time
  • 11th Graders – Wednesday 1/16 @3:00 during advisory
  • 10th Graders – Wednesday 1/16 @ 3:30 during advisory
  • 9th Graders – Thursday 1/17 @ 3:00 during advisory

We are so excited for the opportunities and spaces our seminars now have with our gym open!

Staffing Updates

As mentioned last semester, Mr. Russell Stoll (previously our English 12 teacher) will be taking on the Assistant Principal position at DVD this semester as Ms. Martin moves into a new role at Da Vinci Schools. Taking Mr. Stoll’s place in English 12 classes is Mr. Edwin Maldonado.

Another change is in our English 10 position. Ms. Maigon Buckner, who was employed with Da Vinci Schools since the first year, has relocated outside of Los Angeles and will not be returning to DVD this year. Some of you may have seen the message she left to you on her google classroom. We are very excited for Ms. Buckner and the new opportunities she is pursuing, although she will be greatly missed in the DVD community. Fortunately, we were able to find an excellent candidate to fill the spot, Ms. Jimena Elian, for our English 10 position.

Our new staff members have been working with current DVD staff throughout the January professional development week. They are ready to meet their students and finish the year strong! You can find staff bios on the Da Vinci Schools website to learn more and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.