Week 17 – POL Week 2!

Designers, excellent work on your POLs thus far! Presentations across grade levels are proving to be incredibly thorough and professional.  We are, as always, very impressed and look forward to seeing your continued success during Week 2 of POLs. We also want to celebrate the parents who have been able to attend POLs. Thank you for your involvement and presence.

Schedule for Week 17


Next week is the last week of the semester. We will be running POL schedules on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then we will start at 9am on Thursday for an all day schedule where students go to all classes.

Project Pitch Panel – An Invitation

Parents – do you work in an industry that will one day employ our future Da Vinci graduates? We want to invite you to help shape Da Vinci curriculum at our Project Pitch Panel on Wednesday, January 4th from 9am-12pm.  At this event, teachers will present their project ideas to industry professionals and seek advice on real world connections, student engagement, software, and a range of other topics.  You will be able to interface with innovative Da Vinci teachers and other industry partners.

It really takes a community to make sure school is relevant – your critiques, suggestions, and creativity will be incredibly helpful to ensure the delivery of real-world curriculum.  Help shape the future workforce and inspire teachers!

Please pass along the invitation to others and bring members of your team.  RSVP to Natasha Morse at nmorse@davincischools.org if you would like to attend and see the attached flyer for more information.