Week 37 – POL Week 1 – Reminders and Logistics

Hello Design families! Your student will either have a POL presentation time during the morning session (8 am-12 pm) or during the afternoon session (12 pm- 4 pm) assigned by grade level teachers. They will attend either the morning or afternoon session each day during POL weeks. It is crucial that students are present for the full session.

week 37 families

A few reminders about POL policies, presentation times and student attendance:

  • POLs will take place from Tuesday, May 26 through Thursday, June 4.
  • During POLs, students are required to be at school for the ENTIRETY of their 4 hour session, regardless of presentation time. For example, if a student has a 10:00 am presentation, they must still arrive at 8:00 am, and cannot leave until 11:50 when the gate opens.
  • During the 4 hour session, students will have their own presentation, and in addition, will be on panels observing other students, working on preparatory materials for second semester, etc., and must be present to complete these assignments. If students are not present, it may result in a negative impact on their POL, Habit of Mind, and/or semester grades.
  • Students in the afternoon session cannot arrive early for the morning session unless prior arrangements have been made with a teacher and a note is provided from the teacher.
  • Da Vinci Design is asking that families respect the 4 hour sessions and do not sign students out early unless absolutely necessary, nor bring in or drop off students late.
  • Lunch service will be provided from 11:30-12:30 each day to accommodate students in both the morning and afternoon sessions.
  • The front gate will be open between sessions from 11:50-12:10 daily. Students in the morning session may leave during this time frame, and students who have an afternoon session can filter in at this time. For instance, if a student is still on our school campus after 12:10, they MUST remain until 3:55 unless a parent or guardian comes to sign them out at the office.
  • Students who are tardy to POL sessions will need to serve a lunch detention.

Parents are invited to POLs!

We would love to see you at one or more of your student’s POLs if your schedule allows.  Feel free to contact the classroom teachers directly with questions regarding attendance at your child’s POL.

Please let us know if any questions arise and contact your grade level team teachers for specifics on schedules and requirements.