Upcoming Events and Opportunities at Design!

DV Parent Workshop Speaker Series #2 – “Technoproofing Your Family”

  • Tuesday, April 8th at 6 pm
  • This workshop will focus on how parents can preserve quality time with their children in the fast paced world of technology.  Parents will discover positive ways to utilize technology yet stay connected through authentic face to face time.  The event will provide parents with tools to encourage their teens to become self-reliant, effective, and safe users of technology.

    The discussion will be facilitated by Fay Van Der Kar Levinson, Ph.D., Child Psychologist, Julia Hobbs, M.A., C.C.C., Communication Specialist, and Caroline Packman, Parent in the Trenches.

Coffee & Chat with the Counselors

  • Tuesday, April 8th at 8:15 am in the board room
  • Senior college decisions, wait lists, financial aid awards and  parent resources.


  • April 10th at 6 pm

 School Site Council

In addition, Da Vinci Design is looking to elect a School Site Council composed of school staff, teachers and students.  The council will meet 4 times a year in the evenings to discuss and vote on various school topics.  We are looking for parent and student nominees! If you are interested in being nominated for the council, please send a brief bio as well as the reasons you are interested to Kate Parsons, Principal, at kparsons@davincischools.org by Monday April 7th.  Voting for the council will take place at Exhibition Night at Design on Thursday, April 10th.