Exclusive Future Doctors Program by Harvard Student Agencies and Learn with Leaders- Applications Closing Soon

About the Future Doctors Program by Harvard Student Agencies in collaboration with Learn with Leaders

The Future Doctors Program offers a unique opportunity to learn from, network with, and receive expert mentorship from qualified Harvard instructors and begin your journey into the global health care and medical practices.

Spread over two weekends, it is a one-of-its-kind medical-experiential program for high school students across the globe aspiring to become change makers in the medical field. The program will enable students to dive deep into the pre-medical field with an introduction to Genetic Inheritance, Hormones, Immunology, and Organic Chemistry, while acquiring 21st-century skills to succeed in the medical field through real-world exposure.

This time, we are opening the applications for 2 cohorts – March and May. So now you have the flexibility to join the cohort of your choice! 

OPTION 1: The March 2023 CohortWho Is Eligible?: Students from Grades 8 to 12Duration: 2 weekendsLast Date of Application: 15th March, 2023Program Starts: 25th March, 2023Find more about the Program: HereApplication Form (March): Click HereOPTION 2: The May 2023 CohortWho Is Eligible?: Students from Grades 8 to 12Duration: 2 weekendsLast Date of Application: 10th April, 2023Program Starts: 20th May, 2023Find more about the Program: HereApplication Form (May): Click Here

What You Will Get?

– Certificate from Harvard Student Agencies– Access to all LWL Webinars and Masterclass– Featured on LWL and Harvard social media platforms– Portfolio Enhancement with certificates and projects– Global exposure and networking with students and teachers from across the world plus a chance to make lifelong friendships!

Here’s what our participants of Future Doctors Program have got to say:

“Since I am just starting high school, the information we learned will benefit my upcoming science classes, like genetics and organic chemistry. I can now use the new knowledge I learned from my instructors about applying to universities, doing extracurricular courses, and being myself and working hard through my high school years to become successful. If I had to summarise the experience in one word, it would be ‘Informative.” – Hanna Noori, United States of America“The Future Doctors Program is a unique program that helped me choose my career path in Medicine, and also to develop research skills as a group using different sources of information, and to be able to filter what’s important. Being freshmen at Harvard, the teachers had a lot of energy and kept me engaged along with the sessions. If I had to describe my experience in one word, it would be ‘Eye-Opening.” –  Luisa Miles, Uruguay

Please feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications or schedule a call with us.

For more information, please contact Crissel Rodriguez, Director of Real World Learning, at crodriguez@davincischools.org.

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