Announcements from the Real World Learning Director

Crissel Rodriguez –

Hello Da Vinci Scholars and Families,

Many scholars have started applying to the summer opportunities which is exciting! Please note that scholars can receive 5 academic credits for completing 60 hours of service throughout the summer. Once you receive confirmation that the business/organization is willing to host you as an intern or a volunteer, please email me so I can send you the required forms.

  • The Knowledge House Coding Fellowship information session is today, Tuesday, April 5th at 6 pm. Please email me to register or to request the link to tonight’s recording.
  • The Boeing application is still open for students who attended the mandatory information session in March. Please email me to get your application started!
  • The Hawthorne Police Department is offering the opportunity to intern with their Community Affairs and Forensics Department. The opportunities are listed under the ‘Law’ and ‘Health Sciences’ sections.
  • The Rooted Friends Project is a non-profit organization in Hawthorne and they are seeking volunteers for Saturday, April 9 to shoot a Public Service Announcement. Volunteers will be featured in videos, and photos, and may be asked to model and act. Parent permission is required for scholars under the age of 18. Please contact Celeste (323) 427-9575.

My email is