Flex Block Sign-Ups: Sept 2022

Good Morning Students!

See below for two important announcements:

Flex Block Sign Ups:

TODAY during Period 1, please complete this form to sign up for our first round of Flex Block:

What is Flex Block? Flex Block is a class that happens during the school day, twice per week, when you can get support from a specific teacher or with a specific subject. Think of it like built-in time for office hours. Students must choose a flex block, and must report to that class for attendance.

If you have questions, or do not see your name in this form, please ask your teacher for help.

Seminar Interest Survey: 

If you are interested in Art Portfolio Development (11th/12th) or in Makerspace: Puppetry (10th/9th), complete this form TODAY (8/26):

Lastly: If you are interested in applying to be a Da Vinci Design Student Board Member, please see the Front Office for more details and for an application today! Applications are due to the Front Office by 9/16.