March Madness College and Career

Hello Designers,

This week we celebrated March Madness College and Career.  On Monday all students participated in 3 rounds of College Kahoot, One Hand Cup Stacking and Trasketball.  Alumni Sydney Richardson c/o 2021, David Lopez c/o 2018, Alfonso Gonzalez c/o 2018, DeMondre Biddle c/o 2019, Sevilla Hawthorne  c/o 2020, Rachel Mitsch c/o 2015, Ariana Castenada c/o 2016, Cora Cuevas c/o 2016, Leah Gilner c/o 2018, Arcie Galvan c/o 2018 and Danitza Aguilar c/o 2018 helped to crown our 4 Swag Bags.  The winners were Noah Gilner, Natalia Torres, Amanda Walker and Nayeli Ortiz.  On Tuesday our alumni returned to participate in a college and career share out with industry professionals during advisory classes.   Thank you to the following industry professionals for taking the time to share valuable information with our students: Luis Renteria – LA County Dept of Public Health; Amber Baker – Kaiser Permanente; Anjuli Koentopp – Grades of Green; Sam Blake – Grades of Green; Bryant Lin – NinetyeightLA; Heidi Marks – Social Worker; Susana Franco-Rogan – City Planner; and Professor Rosalynde Loo – Loyola Marymount University.  Our alumni also voted on the best decorated advisory college doors — the winners were 10th grade advisory with Ms. Wood (Spanish 2),  12th grade advisory with Mr. Taylor (College and Career Readiness), 11th grade advisory with Ms. Cari (Art & Design) and 9th grade advisory with Mr. Placencia (Biology).  Fun pictures below!

Thank you all!

DVD Counseling Team