POL Clothing Closet

Dear Design Families,
Presentations of Learning (POLs) begin this Thursday 12/9.

One of the expectations for a Presentation of Learning is that students come in professional dress. Professional dress is defined to including the following:

  • Button-down dress shirt (shirt must be tucked in) or non-revealing blouse        (must cover shoulders); Suit jacket (optional)
  • Khaki pants or dress pants (no jeans); Dress or skirt that touches tops of knees when standing up straight
  • Closed-toe dress shoes (no sneakers or excessively high heels)
  • Hair should not cover the face
  • Other clothing professional to students’ identity and/or culture

We understand that many families may not be able to put together attire that meets these standards in a short timeline. In order to help our families, the DVD staff is going through their closets in search of items that can be donated to students in need of professional attire. If you have clothing or shoes that meet these requirements and that you no longer need, please consider donating them to DVD. We will accept donations of professional clothing to the downstairs front office, and we welcome students to see if there is something donated that fits their need. We are hopeful that this professional clothing exchange helps us work together as a community to ensure that each student feels comfortable and confident in their presentation!

Students can contact their counselor for any questions.

Thank you for your support!