DVD Week 8 Preview

Good Afternoon Designers and Design Families,

Happy October! Next week, we will be having our second CD of the year to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month! A special thanks goes out to our Latinx Student Union for putting together this special event. See the Week 8 schedule below.

Also – SLCs are the following week from 10/11-10/14. SLCs are happening via Zoom this semester. Check the DVD Grade Level Google Sites and stay tuned for SLC schedules and overviews from the grade level teachers.

Week 8 & 9 DVD

Week 8 Announcements & Key Dates:
  • This week’s college visits:
    • California Aeronautical University: 10/4 @ 12:45pm
    • Art Center College of Design: 10/5 @ 12:45pm
    • University of San Francisco: 10/6 @ 12:35pm
    • University of New Mexico: 10/8 @ 1:20pm
  • Student Led Conferences (SLCs): October 11th-October 14th
    • Schedules and grade level documents coming soon.
  • PSAT test day (11th Grade): October 13th
    • 12th Grade: If you are interested in taking the SAT on this day, please contact your counselor for more information.
  • Next Professional Day: October 15th