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Weeks 36-38

DVD Families,

We are nearing the last academic days of our 2017-18 school year. Please review the final bell schedule and a few announcements.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 8.58.46 PM

Announcement from our security team: Please be respectful to all the businesses that surround our campus. Students should never walk through private parking lots or enter private sections in local retail areas. We have received several complaints about our students trespassing on private property. Your cooperation in maintaining positive relations with our business neighbors is appreciated and expected.

Senior Project Announcement: Join us on May 29th for a presentation on the prevalent issue of mental illnesses. A senior project group, DMMI (Debunking Misconceptions about Mental Illnesses), will go over different types of mental illnesses and treatments. The presentation is geared towards parents, but all are welcome to learn more about the subject.

Week 35 Update

DVD families,

We hope your students had an amazing time at Prom this past Friday, 5/18. Our seniors head off to Disneyland’s Grad Nite event this Tuesday, 5/22.

For the rest of our students, this week is a regular schedule and leads into the 3-day Memorial weekend. The last day for seminar classes is this Thursday, 5/24.

pastedImageWe hope you have a great week!


Week 33 Update


This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! Please drop off any notes of thanks at our front desk and if you are interested, you can sign up here to drop off breakfast, coffee or snacks throughout the week. Thank you so much for your support!

  • All 11th grade students will take the SBAC state tests (English and Math) beginning this week: 5/9, 5/10, 5/16 & 5/17
  • Senior Beach Day is this Friday, 5/11
  • There is a non-student day and Prom coming up on Friday, 5/18

This week is a regular bell schedule:

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 2.16.00 PM

Teacher Appreciation Week is next week!

Next week (May 7-11) is Teacher Appreciation Week. Many of you have already written thoughtful notes for DVD teachers, but if you have not had a chance to yet, we encourage you to do so. Your notes of appreciation mean so much to our staff who work so hard to support students in their ongoing growth and success.

Parents, would you like a way to show your gratitude for staff but aren’t sure how? Please drop off a note of appreciation at our front desk or you can donate breakfast and snack items for our staff throughout the week. If you are interested, please sign up at the link below.

Teacher Appreciation Week Donations for Staff

Any questions? Please contact our Office Manager, Maria Beltran ( and thank you in advance for your generosity.

Senior Projects – Details and Reminders

Dear Senior Parents and Families,

We are so proud of our Seniors for completing their first round of Senior Project POLs!

As announced in the Senior Projects Parent Letter that went out during SLCs, eligible 12th grade students may begin applying for field work time off campus as of this week (April 30th). In addition, students who provide justification and who are eligible for early release may be approved to work on senior project related activities off campus on the following dates:

Field Work Dates: May 7-10, May 21, May 24-25, May 29-30, June 1

While off campus, all seniors are expected to be working and will be tracked by their individual Senior Project keystone advisors.

For further questions, please contact Mr. Stoll at

Thank you for your support!

Week 31 Update

Congratulations to our Attendance and Academic Award winners! We are so proud of all of your hard work.

20180420_101031 IMG_1960


Peer Counselor applications are now available for rising seniors. Please see counselor, Rachel Fusco, for more information.

Next week’s athletics and bell schedules are included below. We hope you are enjoying your weekend!

pastedImage Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 8.38.21 AM

Friday, April 20th

Da Vinci Design Families,

Tomorrow, Friday, April 20th, is both the anniversary of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting and a day when some young people make poor decisions regarding marijuana use. For these reasons, we ask that you have a conversation this evening with your children about their feelings regarding safety at school, and the specific details of where they will be and who they will be with both before and after school tomorrow, so that they make positive decisions and choices.

We encourage all students to “see something, say something” to a DVD staff member if they are aware of anything happening that could be harmful to DVD student safety and/or our school community.

Thank you for your support!

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