Clarification – Yearbook Orders

Hello DVD families,
It has come to our attention that an ad was sent out to all families earlier this week suggesting that yearbooks needed to be ordered by October 31st.  This is NOT accurate, and we want to let everyone know that there is still plenty of time to order a yearbook.  The ad was created and sent out by our yearbook publisher, Herff Jones, and while most of their ads encourage people to order a yearbook before they are sold out, we have never seen them put a deadline on any of their ads.
Yearbooks are currently on sale for $55; that “early bird” price will be in effect until November 25th, when the price will increase to $60.  It will increase one more time, to $65, at the end of January, and that price will remain in effect until all of the yearbooks are sold out.  We would like everyone to order the books as early as possible, especially so they can take advantage of the “early bird” price, but there are certainly still plenty of books available for purchase.  If we do receive enough orders by January, we can even order additional copies of the book. Click on the following link to order a yearbook: DVD Yearbook and enter the following code: 17693
Thank you,
Veronica Rodriguez