Campus Safety Update: Upcoming Lockdown Drill Notification

DVD Families:

Every year, the Da Vinci Schools work with local law enforcement and fire departments to plan, prepare, and practice our responses to emergency situations, including earthquake, fire, and emergency lockdowns for armed intruders. Since moving into the new building we have been working with El Segundo Police Department on these plans. We have an emergency armed intruder drill planned for Thursday, March 1st and schoolwide debrief sessions to follow on Friday, March 2nd. Staff is trained for how to respond to such an event throughout the year and prior to this drill, procedures for students will be reviewed with them. During the drill, students will have a chance to practice the proper response if such a crisis were to occur.

So the schools can remain informed and responsive, parents and students are encouraged to report any concerns or potential threats to the school. If you have any questions regarding this or the drill, please do not hesitate contact the front office of your child’s school. Thank you for your support in maintaining the safety of our students, staff and schools.