POL Schedule Reminder

DVD Parents and Guardians,

POLs are upon us and we are very excited to see the students give presentations and show their growth and mastery from fall semester. Please be advised that if you plan on coming to campus watch your student’s presentation, you must check in at the front office on the bottom floor and receive a visitors pass. If you come to DVD’s floor without a visitors pass, you will be directed back to the bottom floor to obtain one.

POLs run from 12/14 through 12/21. Students are either in the morning (8:00-12:00) or afternoon (12:00-4:00) session and lunch is served between 11:30-12:30 so that students from both sessions have the opportunity to purchase lunch/ Below is the POL letter that was shared last week, with more detailed information regarding the POL days.

Friday 12/22 is a minimum day that runs from 9:00-1:30.

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