New Building Update #2 – Drop Off Of Food & Other Items

Reminder from the DVD Student and Family Handbook:

Drop Off Of Food & Other Items In New Building

Hello parents, a reminder from our handbook on our policies related to dropping items off for students once school has started. These board approved policies are in place to ensure the safety of our students and safeguard the effective use of staff time for teaching and instruction.

Dropping Off Belongings for Students During School Hours

Items dropped off for students will not be delivered to the classrooms, and students will not be called out from class or notified by the school to pick up items that are brought in. Items should be left on the drop-off table on the first floor and labeled with the student’s name. Students can pick up these items during lunch time or after school. The school is not responsible for any items left on the drop-off table.

Ordering Food for Delivery

Students are not permitted to order any food to be delivered to the school at any time, whether during school hours or before/after school hours. Any food delivered to the school must be ordered and received by a staff member. Parents or guardians are also not permitted to order food to be delivered to the school for students. If a parent or guardian would like to drop off food for a student, the drop-off procedures must be followed above.