Class of 2017 – Antioch University Transcript Update

Class of 2017: If you are a student attending a Cal State or UC college in the fall, and if you listed your Antioch college courses on your application, your college is expecting to receive your Antioch transcript. Antioch shared they would mail them to the DVD front office but they have NOT arrived as of today, Monday June 26, 2017. Please note – your Da Vinci Design final transcripts WERE sent out two weeks ago by your counselors.

We are working to obtain these as soon as possible, and are hoping they arrive by tomorrow (Tuesday 6/27), but in the meantime we strongly advise you to do the following:

  • Contact the admissions office at your college and tell them that you were enrolled in a college program at your high school campus (Antioch University) and the transcript they have sent to Da Vinci Design has not arrived yet. Let them know you will be able to pick it up from DVD upon their arrival (hopefully this week!) and mail it to them once you do so.


  • You can go to the Antioch University LA office in Culver City and pick up a copy of your transcript and mail it to your school by no later than Thursday, June 29 so that it arrives by July 1.
  • Their office is located at: 400 Corporate Pointe, Culver City, CA 90230