College Commitment date is Monday, May 1st


Don’t forget that Monday, May 1st at midnight is the date that you have to say ‘yes’ to a four year college in order for them to hold your spot for you.  Most colleges usually want you to complete an online form and pay a deposit as well. Here are a few things to remember:

  • You must ONLY commit to one college. If you commit to more than one college, and the other one finds out that you have, each of them has the right to rescind your offer as they consider this ‘dishonest’.
  • Before you say ‘yes’, please be sure to look at your financial aid award letter to make sure that you have been granted enough money to attend
    • If you don’t understand what it says, please see your counselor. You want to know what your grants and scholarships are (free money) and what your loans are (have to be repaid) before you say yes
  • Just because you have been accepted and have committed, it doesn’t mean that the student’s job is done.  Students must keep up their grades. Why?
    • Counselors send a final transcript to the colleges in June. If a college that has accepted you, sees a big drop in grades, they can take back your offer of acceptance (and it does happen)
  • Attached is a list of some other decisions and questions that students and parents need to think about after you’ve made your decision.
  • Although not necessary, you should contact the colleges that you won’t be attending to let them know that you will not be attending. Why?
    • There are students who are ‘waitlisted’ at a college where you have been accepted, and if you let the college know now, they can release those slots to the other students.  It’s out of consideration for other students

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