$1000 School Hack Challenge – Opportunity to Innovate & Create Change in your School or Community


Reframe Labs (https://www.reframelabs.org/) is an organization that helps to launch new, innovative schools. Da Vinci staff has worked with Reframe in a number of ways and they have offered up this unique opportunity for our students. They have passed along this message:

In 13 days (March 11th), Reframe is hosting The $1,000 School Hack Challenge, a free daylong event in which Los Angeles students ages 13-18 team up to design and test their innovative ideas to improve their school, classroom, or community. Winning ideas get $1,000 for implementation, and they will be selecting 5-10 winners.  

The event will most likely be held at Mendez High School at 1414 Kemmett Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90033. 

It’s free and open to middle- and high school students. Here’s the registration page to pass along for any potentially interested students: https://www.facebook.com/events/1282261318520501/

A few other things to know…

  • Students attend as individuals. After pitching, the top 10 ideas will be identified via crowd-sourced voting and students participants will then self-form teams. A team of Da Vinci students could still work together under this process.
  • Students don’t necessarily need their own ideas to participate, since they can simply join another team, but they do hope each student comes with his/her own idea for the initial pitch.

Please let us know if you have any other questions and we will be happy to answer (or find the answer!) for you.