REMINDER-Riordan SBI meeting –Saturday, January 21 from 9am-1pm

Riordan SBI Students,

This is a reminder (you should already have it on your calendars) that there is a Riordan SBI meeting THIS Saturday from 9am to 1pm.  For this meeting only, it will be held on the Communications campus. Please have your parents drop you off in the back gate near Communications and Ms. Brittany Goodacre, Communications Counselor will be there to open the gate for you.  Class will be held in Mr. Adam Eynon’s classroom–there will be signs to direct you there.

Your mentors are looking forward to seeing you.

They will providing you with some snacks, but you want to be sure to eat a good breakfast. You may also want to bring something additional of your own to eat and/or drink with you as there will be a short break time when you will be allowed to eat.

Have fun!