Things to remember during Winter break

  • If you have college applications that are due on January 1-3, 2017, all that you have to do is to submit your application by the deadline. The colleges will know that our school is on break, and will accept transcripts and letters of recommendation when we return. As long as your application is submitted by the deadline date, they will wait for the other materials.
  • Please remember to check your email on a regular basis for college acceptances.  Many colleges will provide you with instructions on how to set up your portals and this is important as this is where they will let you know if you have any missing materials from your application.
  • Also, please let your counselor know when you have been accepted to a college so that we can send out transcripts when we return.
  • Don’t forget to send your test scores to the colleges that you have applied to. To send ACT scores, go to your and for SAT, go to and look for ‘send scores’ and search for the colleges that you have applied to and send your scores to them. IF you don’t send them scores and you are accepted (especially California state colleges), they can rescind your offer of acceptance.
  • If you are applying to TASS(Telluride Association Sophomore Seminar)–Please don’t forget to work on your application and request your letter of recommendation from  a teacher. The deadline due date is January 10th and you have three essays to complete totaling no more than 4,500 words. Please refer to the links listed below for more information. Counselors can provide assistance upon our return to the office.
  • Here is link to brochure for TASS :
  • Here is application for TASS—even if you have not been nominated, you still have the ability to apply to the program if interested and willing to attend the three week FREE program out of state if accepted:
 Have a great Winter break!