TASS-Telluride Sophomore Seminar nominations for interested students

Recently, DaVinci Design and DaVinci Communications hosted a “Lunch and Learn” session for the Telluride Sophomore Seminar program. The deadline for counselors to submit nominations for interested students is quickly approaching. This FREE unique, intellectually engaging program held on the college campuses of Cornell University and the University of Michigan allows TASSers to live together and participate in a three-hour seminar that meets each weekday morning with two college professors.

DVD and DVC students have participated in the past and have many positive things to say about the program and the impact that it has had on them.

If your student is interested in being nominated, please have them talk to their counselor about the nomination process. Students names must be provided to TASS by no later than 11/30/16 so that the program can mail application materials to the student’s home that need to be completed by January 10, 2017.

A link is provided below for you to learn more about this program:

Sophomore Seminar (TASS)