TASS Information Session (Wednesday, Nov 9th)

Dear Da Vinci Design Parents/Guardians and Students,

The Telluride Association is looking for motivated 10th graders to apply for a full scholarship to a Telluride Association Sophomore Seminar (TASS). This seminar will take place during Summer of 2017. An information session for interested students will take place on Wednesday, November 9th during lunchtime in Carmen Garcia’s classroom (Room 402). Please sign up for the info session using the link below:


TASS is a free, six-week program for high school sophomores interested in the fields of critical Black and ethnic studies. Certain topics the seminar will cover are: The Opposite House: Grieving Time in Space and Place; Black Feminist Thought; Coming of Age within the Long Black Freedom Movement; and Performance, Gender, Race, and Culture in the Harlem Renaissance and in Parisian Negritude. TASS is co-sponsored by Cornell University and the University of Michigan.

TASS seeks applicants from around the country and from all backgrounds. TASS is a full scholarship, with no charge for tuition, books, or room and board. Although students are responsible for arranging travel to and from TASS, travel subsidies are available.

For more information on TASS visit: http://www.tass.tellurideassociation.org

To apply to the scholarship, students must be nominated by their college counselor. To learn more about TASS and to let your college counselor know you’re interested, please RSVP and attend the information session.

SOPHOMORES–This is a great opportunity and will be viewed very favorably by college admission officers on your college applications!