Safety Update

DVD, we wanted to let you know that there was an Instagram page created sometime on Monday evening called “South Bay Clowns”, imitating something that started in South Carolina a few weeks ago, that shows images of 6 south bay high schools (DV’s logo is shown, but no photos of the actual schools) in what appears to be some sort of threat. A few students were talking about the account today at school, so we wanted to let everyone know how we have addressed and evaluated the situation. We do not see any threat to DVD or any of the Da Vinci Schools.

We at DVD became aware of the Instagram account yesterday (Tuesday) morning, and together with the other DV Principals we immediately contacted Instagram to report the page as being in violation of their user policy to have it removed.  We also spoke with the LA Sherriff and Hawthorne Police Department. All law enforcement told us that they did not feel it was a credible or specific threat and assured us they would be stepping up their presence and patrol of their school campuses. They will also keep us informed of any new information they receive.  We will keep you informed should anything new arise and do everything we can to continue to keep the campus safe.