2016-17 School Year – Week 1!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful summer with family and friends. We are excited to welcome everyone back for our 2016-17 school year!

First Day Info

School begins this Tuesday, August 16th at 9:00 am.  Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of school to avoid being late on the first day!

Advisories will be changing this year – please reference the signs on the front fence to see who your advisory teacher will be this year before entering campus.  You will attend advisory class first. This is also where you will get your schedule and students will see every class on Day 1.

Dress Code Update Reminder

The Da Vinci Design dress code has changed.  Please review the attached policy for the school’s most updated dress code information. The most noticeable change is that students are no longer required to wear collars every day. That said, there are still many of the same policies in place and we thank you in advance for working with your students to ensure they meet dress code each day. Please remember that the policy is enforced on Day 1 and if a student is in violation he or she may be asked to change into school-appropriate attire. You can reference it and more details at the following link to a previous blog post: https://dvd.davincischools.org/2016/07/da-vinci-design-dress-code-2016-17/

Traffic & Safety

Please remind your parents and carpool providers to drive safely and adhere to public safety regulations.

All students and guests are required to abide by traffic laws and procedures. You cannot at any time run across the street in front of the school campus.

Students must use the crosswalk and follow the traffic enforcement rules. You will be issued consequences by Admin if rules are not followed. It is for your safety!


Options and Sign-up Links will be available Week 2! Stay tuned!

Year-Long Calendar

Here is a day by day calendar for families: DVD 2016-2017 Planning Calendar (for families)

Bell Schedules – First 3 Weeks

Here is the bell schedule for the first 3 weeks of school: First 3 Weeks 16-17

Upcoming Events

Back to School Night – Wednesday 8/24 at 6 pm

Freshman Overnighter Trip – Thursday 9/1 -Friday 9/2

Fall Sports Offerings

Girls Volleyball and Boys/Girls Cross Country are offered in the fall! Contact Chris Jones for further sports information at cjones@wiseburn.k12.ca.us

We are so excited for Day 1. Enjoy your last few days of summer!

DVD 16-17 Week 1 Update - Families

Week 1 Bell Schedules 16-17