Senior Parent Night-The College application process/Myths,Realities and the College landscape

CLASS OF 2016—It’s here!  Only nine more months to graduation day, so let’s get ready to send our students off to college!


This Senior Night workshop is for parents of the graduating Class of 2016. The Counseling team from Da Vinci Design will be on hand to provide information on how to answer the following questions:

-How does my student apply to college?
-How many colleges should they apply to?
-How difficult is it to get into college in 2016?
-Is my student eligible to apply to a UC or Cal State college?
-How difficult is it to get accepted into colleges like UCLA, UC Berkeley, Stanford, USC?
-How many letters of recommendation does my student need for college?
-Is it more expensive to attend an out of state college?
-How do we get scholarships for college?
-When do I apply for financial aid, grants, scholarships for college?

We will be answering these and many more questions at our annual Senior Night for Parents and Students. Details as follows:

Date: Thursday, September 17, 2015
Time: 6:00PM
Place: Ms. Carmen Garcia’s College Writing classroom
Who: Students and parents are encouraged to attend

No need to RSVP—we will be there to answer your questions and to help you understand what is in store this year for your graduating senior! We’re here to help you navigate the college admissions process with your students and to keep everyone calm and well informed!

Thanks and see you there!

Counseling team: KGB, Erin & Nicole