A Message to DVD Families

Dear DVD Students and Families,

We send this message with heavy hearts, and in recognition of the pain and unrest that our local and national communities are feeling in the wake of the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. These injustices, which highlight systemic problems in our society that must be faced, happen amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic that prevents us from being on campus together. While we are not physically together, our school community is strong, and we will come together in open dialogue and in support of our students: to grieve together, to support one another, and to stand together for justice.

This week, we as a school community commit to giving our students digital space to come together. We have reached out to our student leaders and to our staff of compassionate educators to begin a dialogue that allows students to process what is going on. As we develop plans and gather resources, we will do what we can to listen, to learn, to connect, and to process. Details will be shared soon.

We encourage our students to reach out to the staff that they know and who knows them. We look forward to connecting with you, and wish for justice and peace in our communities.


Veronica and Russell