High Wind Warnings

Dear Da Vinci Parents,

Today we experienced some very strong winds resulting in power outages, a collapsed tree and other safety-related issues on several of our campuses. Fortunately, there were no injuries or major damage as a result of these instances. School safety is always one of our highest priorities at Da Vinci Schools. Given the high wind warnings in the coming days, we will continue to address any and all emergencies that arise.

For the welfare of students and staff, if it becomes necessary to minimize or cancel the school day, parents will be notified immediately via automated call or email. We understand sudden closures or minimum days can be burdensome to families, therefore parents should establish contingency plans for possible closures or minimum days.

Please note, all classes are in session during normally scheduled hours unless otherwise notified. If you have any questions, please contact the schools’ front office.

With gratitude,

Da Vinci Administration