Important Request – Meal Applications

Dear Design Families,

This afternoon, every Da Vinci high school student received a meal application with instructions to turn it in on Monday in their first period class.

It is crucial that we receive a meal application from each and every family regardless of your family’s income or whether your student eats lunch at school.

The funding formula for schools has changed dramatically this year and is now closely tied to our number of free and reduced lunch applications. Literally, hundreds of thousands of state and federal dollars are at stake. We cannot impress upon you the importance that every family complete a meal application by Monday, September 30. You may complete the application online or turn in the print application. Only one application per family is needed.

Apply Online
Download a print application

Da Vinci team members will be calling, sending notes and e-mail blasts until we get every family to complete this application. If you have any questions about the application, please contact Sara Deulofeu at

Have a great weekend!