Da Vinci Schools: Crime Alert

Da Vinci Schools: Crime Alert
Attempted Robbery / 8:20 am
September 24, 2013

This email is being sent so our community remains informed and watchful.

Today at approximately 8:20 am, a Da Vinci Design High School student was approached while walking to school on 120th Street and La Cienega. The person who approached him told the student to hand over his cell phone. No weapon was used or brandished. Before anything could happen, the student left the scene and went immediately to the nearest safe location. The perpetrator was seen getting out of a black Mercedes Benz with black rims. He was accompanied by three other men in the car.  This same vehicle was seen driving slowly around the surrounding neighborhood and was possibly following students on nearby streets as they walked to school. The perpetrator also was reportedly seen to be standing in front of Da Vinci Design High School near the Del Aire Park tennis courts this morning.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department has been alerted and is working with us at this time.  If you have any information to share about this incident, please contact the L.A. County Sheriff at 323-820-6700.

Let us all take the time to speak with our students about being safe when coming to and from school. We encourage students to walk with a friend and be aware of their surroundings. Together as a community we can help each other and continue to keep this area safe for our students.